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Diwali and the Solar Eclipse | Astrology & Spirituality | The Podcast | S1 | Ep 6

In case you missed it!

We filmed this episode on the 23rd October 2022.

Diwali falls on the 24th October in 2022. The new year which heralds new beginnings and a new moon takes place on the 25th October 2022 but this year it coincides with the solar eclipse. The last time we saw this particular solar eclipse was in 2003, the year the UK and the US went to war with Iraq. We discuss Rishi Sunak, Boris Johnson, Penny Mordaunt, Kwasi Kwarteng and Liz Truss. We also discuss King Charles and Prince William. How will the solar eclipse affect heads of states and our future kings? What about the lunar eclipse? How Will that affect the rest of us?

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