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Astrology & Spirituality - The Podcast. S1 | Ep1 | Astrology & Wine

Welcome to Astrology & Spirituality - The Podcast. In our first episode, Astrology & Wine, we discuss karma, reincarnation and marriage. Is everything pre-destined or do we have free will? Do we end up marrying the person we're meant to marry (for good or for bad) or do we have a choice? What about divorce, late marriages or those who never marry at all? Can this be indicated in someone's chart? We'll discuss all the above and more through Vedic Astrology. We'll also talk about Mangal Dosha, what it means to be Manglik and the impact of Sade Sati or Saturn's Return on your chart. We've covered a lot in our first episode and we hope you enjoy it.


Sneh Joshi -

Nutan Joshi -


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